Terms & Conditions

Our service comes with a 90-day service and parts warranty as of the invoice date. NO REFUNDS for completed repairs. Warranty applies ONLY to the part that has been replaced and does not include any other part or feature of your device. Warranty does not cover physical damage such as broken screens or any other broken part of the device, it does not cover water/liquid damage, full payment will be required for device repair. ALL devices will go through an extensive diagnostic check, this includes sound. Sensors, headphone jack, wi-fi, touch screen, touch ID, buttons, charging port, camera, reception, and physical condition. If we discover further issues on the device, we will advise you prior to repairing your device. However, if your device is unable to pass our diagnostic check, Mobile Bling does not take responsibility on further problems the device may encounter. If a third party, anyone other than Mobile Bling, repair, open, or operate on your device, our warranty will become void. Mobile Bling informs you that by operating on your device, it may void any other warranty that your device may have through other parties including, manufacturers, suppliers, service provider, or cellular insurance. Mobile Bling has the right to decline any liability or warranty related work on your device. If your device is not picked up within 30 days or repair, it will be shipped out to a recycling company and cannot be retrieved once shipped out. We appreciate your business.